🔴 Only 42 Homes For Sale In Roseburg Oregon? | Roseburg Real Estate Rant

I know.. It’s crazy! And while it’s hard to believe… there truly are currently only 42 homes for sale in Roseburg Oregon! The real estate market in Roseburg is really tightening up. What does this mean for you? Well stick around, because that’s what we break down in the first episode of the Roseburg Real Estate Rant!

🔴 Only 42 Homes For Sale In Roseburg Oregon? | Roseburg Real Estate Rant

Today we are going to go over something that has been perplexing all of us here in Roseburg Oregon, and it’s the fact that as of this morning we literally only have 42 houses for sale in Roseburg! That’s including all price points, manufactured homes, and condos in Roseburg Oregon. 

So what does this mean for you?

I’m going to break down what this means for sellers, investors, and buyers and how you can still come out ahead.

What Does this mean for sellers In Roseburg Oregon?

As a seller this means that there has probably never in history been a better time to sell. The demand is up, values are up, days on market are low, and we can usually put a significant amount of money in your pocket even if you purchased your home as little as 2+ years ago.

The problem for you sellers is that if you decide to sell that house of yours that you’re living in to capitalize on these gains, well, you’re going to have 42 houses to choose from! You’re also going to be competing with the dozens of other families who are also looking for a home. Now we still help our clients do this every day, but full disclosure, it isn’t always easy.

How does this affect Investors in Roseburg Oregon?

Now if you’re an investor, the good news is that your holdings have significantly increased in value. If you have rentals that have been a thorn in your side, low rents, think you could get a better return elsewhere, now would be a perfect time to capitalize on the demand and maximize your returns. Not only making great returns, but offering some of these families an opportunity to become home owners.

If you’re looking to add to your portfolio, this is a little more tricky. There is a lot of money and investors in the market right now. This means that when deals pop up, there is a lot of action driving up the prices and decreasing margins. For you flippers, as long as you can find a deal that makes sense, you’re not going to have any issues on the resale side. For you buy and hold investors, rents have gone up significantly, but so have prices. So again, it’s hard to find deals that pencil out right now. It takes some digging and good connections, the days of throwing a dart and hitting a good deal are behind us now, but still far from impossible. I’ve purchased two properties already this year that should be good additions to my long term portfolio. It just takes patience. 

Should I Buy A Home In Roseburg Oregon Right Now?

For buyers the incentives are there. If you’re paying more than $1200 in rent, which many are right now, and you see how low these interest rates have gotten and can buy a house for $230,000 for the same amount your renting for it’s a no brainer. Unfortunately everyone else has caught on and is trying to get their piece of the pie as well, which has made for a very competitive market. We help an average of 4 buyers a week get an accepted offer on a home, so it’s far from impossible. But again, full disclosure here, it may take some patience from everyone involved and a few tries before you get the right house locked in.

So yes, it’s true, there are only 42 homes for sale in Roseburg as of today. And while there may be a few challenges in this market to find your forever home, with the right team behind you and some determination we can make it happen. 

Feel free to reach out if you guys are looking to make a move anytime in the next year and please, if you have any questions comment them below and your question may be featured on next week’s Roseburg Real Estate Rant! See you next week!

-Anthony Beckham

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2 responses to “🔴 Only 42 Homes For Sale In Roseburg Oregon? | Roseburg Real Estate Rant

  1. We are looking for a three bedroom two bathroom home with a two car garage that needs Very little work. Hopefully a home with a shop and a small shed for yard equipment and hopefully a low maintenance yard being I’m a disabled Veteran. We would also appreciate a covered back deck in a nice quiet neighborhood that is as peacefull as the Good Lord could provide. We are a Christian family and are very grateful for what our Country has given us and our family. We are a peaceful couple and desire living in a peace loving community!

    1. Hi Forrest and Doris!

      We would love to help you. It looks like I have your email here. I will be reaching out shortly to get more details about what you’re looking for. If you need anything in the meantime feel free to reach out to us at 541-236-2662.

      Talk soon!

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