💰 8 Steps To Sell Your House Fast and For More MONEY!

Today we talk about the top 8 things you can do to sell your house fast and for the most money possible! We cover the importance of staging your home, landscaping, cleaning, remodeling, and more! If you want to sell your Roseburg Oregon home for the most possible, follow these TOP 8 tips! If you’re … Continued

Roseburg Oregon Real Estate Market Is Going CRAZY? 🤔

Hey guys! Anthony Beckham here, and today we’re going to be talking about the recession, how we are seeing price drops on Roseburg Oregon houses left and right, and are entering the closest thing to a buyer’s market as we’ve seen in years in Roseburg! And this is all while CNN is predicting a 20.4% … Continued

🌲Why Everyone Wants to Live in Glide Oregon | Glide Oregon Tour!

Hey everyone! As far as I’m concerned, the Glide Oregon area is the outdoor recreational capital of Douglas County! With plenty of recreational area along the Umpqua River for camping, hiking, waterfalls, swimming, fishing, and more.. Chances are if you’re looking for outdoor fun this summer you’ll be passing through Glide Oregon! So let’s go … Continued