Cooper Creek Reservoir | Things To Do In Sutherlin, OR

🌲 Cooper Creek Reservoir | Things To Do In Sutherlin Oregon

Cooper Creek Reservoir

Hey guys! Anthony Beckham here today to give you a tour of Cooper Creek Reservoir as we explore one of the many things to do here in Sutherlin Oregon! Cooper Creek Reservoir is a great place to bring your boat, bring your kayak, do some fishing, picnicking, or even hiking! Lets hop right into it!

Cooper Creek is a great place to catch fish! Opportunities for catching anything from large mouth bass to regularly stocked rainbow trout. There’s great bank access for fishing! It’s even a great place to bring the kids where there’s plenty of novice fish to be caught. Cooper Creek boasts large mouth bass, bluegill, crappie, and brown bullhead catfish angling opportunities.

Fishing Cooper Creek, Sutherlin Oregon
Cooper Creek Reservoir is a great place to go fishing!

The rainbow trout here at Cooper Creek Reservoir are stocked each spring. One thing to be aware of when fishing Cooper Creek Reservoir is that the fish here can have a high level of mercury content. So make sure to pay attention to the posted signs about how much is safe for human consumption.

Not only is Cooper Creek a great place to catch a fish. But it’s also a great place to bring your boat, especially if you’re into jet skiing or water skiing. Cooper Creek Reservoir is one of the only recreational areas in Douglas County offering the space for both jet skiing and water skiing. Or you can just bring your kayak, sit back, and relax.

Cooper Creek Reservoir is a 160 acre recreational area that boasts a hiking trail that goes all the way around the reservoir. Don’t take it on unless you have a good few hours of time and a lot of stamina because it is quite the workout! One of the best things about the Cooper Creek hiking trail is that you can enjoy the beautiful views of the reservoir from start to finish. So make sure to bring your hiking boots. Bring your mountain bike. And enjoy this well-maintained trail!

Cooper Creek has several great places for picnicking and barbecuing after a long day of fun. Come and enjoy one of my favorite recreational areas here in Sutherlin Oregon to appreciate the beauty of Cooper Creek Reservoir!

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-Anthony Beckham, The Beckham Group

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