Roseburg Oregon Economy and Top Employers

Today we are going to go over a few topics I’m frequently asked about, all relating to Roseburg’s economy. Some of the most common questions are “What do people do for work here in Roseburg?” Or “How is the Roseburg economy?” And “Who are Roseburg’s top employers?” So, that’s exactly what we’re going to dive into today! All from the perspective of someone who was not only born and raised here in Roseburg, but also helps hundreds of people from out of area move to Roseburg every year! So let’s hop right into it!

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The Roseburg Oregon Economy

Roseburg is considered a rural community with a population under 25,000. However, with all things considered, we still have just about all the shopping you would need! All the big box stores like Costco, Lowe’s, Home Depot, Walmart Superstore, Safeway, I mean, the list goes on.

Roseburg Marketplace
Roseburg Valley Market Place After Complete Remodel

One sign that the Roseburg economy is becoming stronger, is the fact that just a few years ago, our Roseburg Valley Mall was purchased for millions of dollars. We are talking a multi-multimillion dollar purchase and multimillion dollar remodel! The investors completely remodeled the Roseburg Valley Mall into what’s now called the Roseburg Marketplace. The Roseburg Marketplace has brought in a large number of other retail chain stores like Planet Fitness, Sportsman’s Warehouse, Ulta Beauty, Marshalls, Joann’s Fabrics, Ashley’s Furniture, and more!

When we see investors investing millions of dollars into a community, especially in commercial spaces and bringing in big box corporations and retail chain stores, that is a good sign that they are expecting large economic growth in the coming years. These kinds of corporations do plenty of research before investing the big bucks into a community.

Roseburg Oregon Top Employers

With all that being said, I still consider Roseburg to be a retirement community with almost a quarter of the population being over the age of 65. I believe one of the major reasons that Roseburg is more of a retirement community is that while we may have plenty of retail positions at companies like those that I mentioned earlier, there aren’t a lot of highly paid positions for professionals. A lot of the locals I went to school with here in Roseburg ended up going to college up North and then maybe settled down in a larger metropolitan city like Eugene, Salem, or Portland. While those of us that stayed in Roseburg my have ended up in labor positions, working at one of the local lumber mills, the medical field, or one of the few professional positions available.

Roseburg Forest Products - Roseburg Top Employers
Roseburg Forest Products Aerial View

Believe it or not Douglas County was once considered the timber capital of the world. Roseburg has always heavily relied on the timber industry to support our local economy. And Roseburg Forest Products is still the number one employer in Roseburg to this day.

Mercy Medical Center is the major hospital supporting Douglas County. Growing up, my generation was always told to get into the medical field, and now I know why! Mercy Medical Center is the second largest employer here in Roseburg with over 1200 employees. The medical field is a large provider of jobs for our community with over 15% of employees in Roseburg being in the healthcare industry.

Roseburg’s VA hospital is another large employer here in Douglas County. According to the census Bureau, 11% of the Roseburg population are veterans. I represent people coming from all over Oregon and surrounding areas, many either because they’re a veteran and appreciate the proximity to the VA hospital, or because of the job opportunities that the VA hospital brings. If you’re looking for a job in the medical field, between all the different medical offices we have here locally, there is always a position open!

What Does This Mean For You?

Considering the local economy in regards to real estate, our average price point is right around $250,000 and rising. Most of the purchases in the sub $250,000 range, are going to be our working class families. As we start to get to the higher price points, high end and luxury homes here in the Douglas County area, we are going  to see more medical professionals, business owners, retirees, and professionals who can work from home. We have retirees coming from the more populous cities in Oregon, Washington, California, and really all over the United States that want to come here for the higher quality of life, lower cost of living, moderate climate, and all the beauty we have to enjoy here in the Roseburg area!

If you have any questions about living in Roseburg, feel free to give me a call or send us a text. We love to hear from people that are thinking about moving to the area or just want to know more about Roseburg. Being born and raised here Roseburg is a place that I’m very passionate about. I look forward to hearing from you guys, don’t forget to subscribe for more content all about living in Roseburg and I will look forward to seeing you guys on the next one!

-Anthony Beckham

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2 responses to “Roseburg Oregon Economy and Top Employers

  1. I’m a 53 year old woman who moved here from Portland 11 days ago. I came here cause my partners a vet and we wanted to reinvent our life. I have a BS from Oregon State in Sociology. What kind of businesses are here? What does this community need that I could possible begin a career with.

    1. I hope you’re enjoying it here in Roseburg so far! As far as employment opportunities go, they are plentiful right now. Most businesses are having a hard time finding quality, educated, applicants which I would think would put you in a great position. Keep an eye on, and consider networking with some of the temp agencies (express employment, cardinal services, select temp) as they have a great pulse on employment opportunities.

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