The Roseburg Recap | Archie Creek Fire Today, Five Guys In Roseburg, and Other News!

🔴 Roseburg Recap | Archie Creek Fire Update, Five Guys in Hanna Heritage Place, and More!

The Roseburg Recap

Anthony Beckham here today with the first episode of our new series, The Roseburg Recap! Where we’re going to go over what’s new in Roseburg and in the Douglas County area. Today, we’re starting in Glide, Oregon, which I’m sure many of you know was heavily affected by the Archie Creek Fire. We actually went into the Umpqua National Forest to give you an inside look at what Douglas County’s largest wildfire aftermath looks like. From there, we then went into Roseburg to see what’s new at the Hanna Heritage Place. So let’s hop into The Roseburg Recap!

The Archie Creek Fire Today

Seeing the Umpqua National Forest and some of my favorite hikes after the Archie Creek Fire was completely heart breaking. I don’t know what I was expecting, but the sheer difference in what the area looks like today in comparison to just a few months ago, is a night and day difference. Luckily we captured several videos this summer touring some of the most popular hikes and beautiful sites up the North Umpqua River, but to see what it looks like today is truly hard to wrap your head around.

To think this was a 130,000+ acre wildfire, the largest that Douglas County has seen in recorded history. This fire not only destroyed millions of dollars of logging companies equipment who are struggling right now with over 60,000+ acres that they were going to harvest here in the coming years, but the Archie Creek fire also burned down 109 homes in Glide Oregon and surrounding areas in Douglas County. The Archie Creek Fire has really taken an affect on the community as a whole and brought us closer together. With firefighters and volunteers doing everything they could to help slow the spread of the fire and help those in our local community.

While this has been an incredibly unfortunate event for everybody here in Douglas County, and especially those that live here in Glide, it’s encouraging to come out here and see that the undergrowth is already coming back. Many of the large trees and old growth that have been here for generations appear to have survived. There is a lot of hope for the Umpqua National Forest, and I’m sure that it’s only a matter of time before everything is beautiful and green just like we remember it.

If you’d like to find out how you can help those who were affected by the Archie Creek Fire follow the link to the Glide Strong website in association with Glide Revitalization to see how you can help support those affected.

Five Guys Burgers and Fries in Roseburg Oregon

In our following segment of the Roseburg Recap we went into Roseburg to see what’s new at the Hanna Heritage Place. The Hanna Heritage Place is a new commercial complex located on Mulholland Drive in the old site of the Windmill Inn that was demolished and replaced with the newly constructed Hampton Inn.

The Hanna Heritage Place Complex offers 3 retail spaces, one of which is now occupied and in business! Five Guys Burgers and Fries is now open right here in Roseburg! The restaurant occupies a 2500 square foot space closest to the street, and employs over 40 full time and part-time employees. The restaurant features both indoor and outdoor seating and so far appears to be a hit!

I visited Five Guys in Roseburg the day after the grand opening, and wow, it was packed! It’s been said that there are no freezers on site, and that all the burgers are made with fresh ingredients. With burgers, sandwiches, dogs, fries, and shakes Five Guys checks all the boxes of a great American food restaurant, and does it in style!

Thank You To Kruse Farms and Brosi Sugar Tree Farms

To finish this first episode of the Roseburg Recap I wanted to say a quick thank you to both Kruse Farms and Brosi Sugar Tree Farms for serving Douglas County just as it does every year with our beloved Fall traditions. Even with all the uncertainty and crazy stuff going on lately, we were still able to enjoy the hayrides, pumpkin patch, and corn maze and have a happy and safe Halloween!

Thank you to everyone for watching, and see you on the next episode of the Roseburg Recap!

-Anthony Beckham

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